High Tea at Fleuri

When we arrived at 3 as the first reserved guests for Saturday afternoon tea we found the Fleuri Restaurant empty, and there was even someone vacuuming in the area in front of us. I paused, wondering if this was going to be one of those weird hotel restaurant experiences – empty and isolating.

But once that was done, we had the delight of selecting our tea from their tea chest – opening each little jar, examining the leaves, and experiencing the scent of each one. Surprisingly we ended up choosing the teas we had first decided on from the menu! I absolutely loved their signature afternoon tea blend. (As a tea it was perfect, but in the chest it wasn’t the most appealing – no strong scent or particular texture.)

When the tray arrived, the savories were definitely large-sized, and the egg salad seemed home-made, and cozy in contrast with the other foods. It was almost lunch-worthy! The sweets were delightful, not too much or oversweet. Elegant and yummy!

You can see them here:

And yes, others did arrive, so we weren’t the only customers in the place. Not as crowded-feeling, or as personal as the Secret Garden, Fleuri offers a spacious atmosphere and is easy to get to (right on Burrard).

I’d go back to Fleuri for this elegant afternoon tea on any weekend afternoon – conversation flowed, the tea was high quality, and the service was great! But I may make the reservation for 3:30 to be sure they’ve put the vacuum cleaner away.


One thought on “High Tea at Fleuri

  1. I like that name “Fleuri.” It sounds both flowery and French. It’s a good name for a tea room though I’m not sure what it implies about the other foods there. It could almost describe a vegetarian place. –Teaternity

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