Tea Tasting in Cuba

I really enjoyed sharing the teas I brought with me with Cuban friends, who mostly liked to drink it with lots of honey. By the way, the best honey I have ever tasted was in Cuba. Sometimes they would use sugar, in great amounts by North American standards.

On a rainy November afternoon in Camaguey Cuba, we tasted these three teas in sequence and these are all my friend’s comments, along with her delightful and accurate names for the teas. We first tasted them without any sweetener, then she added honey or sugar to taste (and not too much.)

Baby Tea: oolong, light, fragrant, floral

Proud Tea: King tea – strong. Flavour a little smoky, focus, sharp. For meetings, important decisions, signing papers.

Party Tea: black with caramel, kusmi tea, sugar! Fun black tea – relaxing, easy, delightful.


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