The Best Honey in the World

It seemed like the best honey in the world – and tasted like it. I don’t know if it is pure, but the Cuban honey has such a remarkable flavour to it. We had it first in Baracoa, where the Indian woman you see here cooked it with almonds, and then poured the mixture into circle rounds made from palm leaf – looking like embroidery hoops these rounds kept the honey-almond treat circular as the honey hardened and cooled.

Honey from Baracoa was also poured onto cassava bread after our ceremony in the cave outside of Camaguey. In Camaguey we had some local honey, bought direct from someone’s home. It comes in empty rum bottles, and I used it in coffee, tea and  yogurt, anywhere I could find that this delightful flavour could be used.

I know the Cubans love love love sugar – all the time, everything has tons of sugar in it. They also love this wonderfully flavourful honey available at the markets. Much better than the honey from the stores, this local stuff has real pizazz. I can’t help but wonder if they cook it with sugar and water to make it go just a little further, last just a little longer. And also, just to add a little sugar!


One thought on “The Best Honey in the World

  1. The Cuban honey is natural and pure is no doubt. I am importing and distributing Cuban honey in Canada.
    All honey is subject to systematic laboratory analysis and inspections to warrant and verify composition and quality factors together with a biological control system that guarantees the product’s veterinary certification in all the stages. All honey lots are certified by Honey Lab of Bremen (QSI) in Germany in a way to have a safe and continuous quality control certification of Cuban honey.
    My Cuban honey was laboratory tested by Canada Food Inspection Agency and has satisfactory results.

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