Canadian Life

I’m so aware of our Canadian way of living, how western we are and how we take for granted a kind of freedom of speech that is not always known in the rest of the world. Thinking of how we approach our lives and how we genuinely do care for one another and our people, I see that we can be so easily misunderstood when viewed via another lens.

When I began with this simple blog, I had a little fear that I would mention something that might offend someone, or that might somehow reflect negatively on me. But then overcoming that fear, I found the freedom of self-expression that is one of our rights.

Ideologically speaking, there is much we can accomplish together when we are able to overcome our differences and rise above difficulties. As the Olympics here in Vancouver host the world, I am thinking about how all the countries’ representatives can come to Canada in a kind of freedom, and see that way of life in action. Now that there is so much control and security concern, even our quiet Canada isn’t as free as it intends to be, but our intention still lives.

We don’t permit hate in our freedom of speech, but we allow all kinds of misunderstandings and near misses as part of the ongoing conversation. It is an ongoing debate, sometimes heated, to create new understandings. And it is public! Here, our protesters use the leverage of the Olympic press to get the coverage they need to highlight the problems of homelessness and corporate control. Innumerable bloggers tell their side of innumerable stories. The mainstream media, now broken into several streams depending on their ideological slant, or non-slant, all add their voices to the cacophony.This public discourse, this open forum, our ongoing symposium in words, images, and sounds, forms what McLuhan calls our media ecology, which is both Canadian and international, multi-voiced and single, public and personal.


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