Good Morning World!

They say that the average blog has only 6 readers, so I’m sending this personal message out to all 3 of you today. My more public morning greeting went out on Twitter, then a less public one shows up on Facebook. Down the hierarchy of social contact to this more intimate setting, my blog. The place where I used to broadcast thoughts and ideas. How did this humble little blog become even more humble? How did it lose its status in the celestial spheres of the interweb and their constant machinations? Was it my neglect? Or have things actually irrevocably changed?

I vote for change, as they said in the Obama campaign what seems like eons ago. The whole game has changed and my patterns of communication have changed with it. So there isn’t much responsibility with this blog anymore. The shift to microblogging is complete. Leaving this blog, like radio, to its own devices, because who cares anyways. On the other hand, maybe it was always just a little voice out there in space, my blog posts like the barking of poor Laika the space dog drifting beyond the planetary into the nebular. I don’t think Laika made it that far actually. I’m not even sure if I’m spelling her name correctly. And this shows how far down this blog has come. Now I don’t even google to find the correct spelling.

If you want to know what I’m really doing follow my Twitter feed – oh sorry, I haven’t kept that up much lately. Too busy with life itself! Here’s an image of Shamcher holding the OTEC model, while I skype with Nirtan in Victoria.


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