Tea Haiku Contest

Win this lovely basket of Tetley Colour Therapy Teas ($70 value)!!!

If you’re in the Vancouver area, enter our TEA HAIKU CONTEST and win this beautiful basket of Tetley Tea Colour Therapy herbal teas!

Includes a classic Tetley teapot, and colour greeting cards.

The people at Tetley saw my tea blog and asked me if I wanted to hold a contest for their new line of herbal teas.
Well, yes! And here it is:

  • Contest runs from Dec. 13 to Dec. 18th. 2010.
  • With much fanfare, we’ll announce a winner on December 20th.
  • This is for Vancouver and area only.

About your entry:

  • Your haiku should include tea, nature, and if you wish, colour (but not necessary to win!)
  • Just add your haiku in the comment area below, or enter at the Cha-Cha-Cha website.
  • Three poets will decide the winner and may the best haiku win!
  • I may include your haikus in future posts so add a url to your own site (or to a charity/good work site you love) that we can link to.

If the site is busy and you can’t enter your haiku, please come back and try again.

We’re also posting the contest as a Facebook event. Or if you know me, email me directly.


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