And the Winner Is….


Many wonderful entries made for a difficult decision.

After much deliberation I can announce that the “winner” is actually a group of 3, who wrote their haikus together after going to a Chinese tea shop. These joint winners are Jasa Baka, Julia Hutchings and Sebastian Hutchings

From Jasa Baka:

crazy tea lady
wouldn’t let us leave her store
until we knew why

From Julia Hutchings:

stand still vapourist
hot cup history pouring
soak in green cloud night

And from Sebastian Hutchings:

china town tea shop
wake old knowledge in new winds
three sips in each cup

Second Prize goes to Victoria’s Carol Sokoloff, who wrote:

Winter drizzle stings,
I pour warm tea, revive
the frozen spirit.

They will all receive the contents of the beautiful Tetley Colour Therapy Tea basket.

A very Honourable Mention to Deanne Mineau for:

Flavour infusion
Sips of Nature’s treasure chest
Oh Tea! My delight

Applause (one hand clapping) for James K-M‘s entry:

I would like some tea
But I do not have any
Tea slides through my hand

I raise my cup of sweet tea to Baljit Siekham for:

So new are we to each others embrace,
I know not how to comfort thee,
Here have some seasonal tea.

A morning herbal infusion to Laurie Owen for

Spinning old mind sleeps.
Woo’ed by jasmine flow’r and mint,
Energized mind wakes.

And finally, an espresso to C. James for:

Coffee warms the throat
In the rain soaked morning light
The cold night deposed

Many thanks to the haiku writers who put their thoughts into 5-7-5 syllables!
Great gratitude to isabella mori, whose Tea Table Book, a book of poetry, has just gone into its second printing, and to the other poet advisors who helped in our decision.
Oh, and thanks to Tetley, for providing the prize!
If you missed entering this time, watch for the next contest (bigger, brighter, better, even more fun) coming in the new year…


4 thoughts on “And the Winner Is….

  1. …thanks for the great haikus. James’ is priceless. And the coffee had such aroma…I hope you have some samples of the Tetley’s teas, as I have been subtly drawn to their infusions since entering the contest.

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