Meaning of Tea Documentary

This looks fantastic! Can’t wait to see….

The Meaning of Tea is a 74-minute documentary film that explores the calm and purposeful life of tea. The film is a tea-inspired journey that celebrates the history, rituals, spirituality and simple, pure enjoyment of tea through the eyes of tea lovers in places where tea is revered-from India to Ireland, from Taiwan to Japan, from Tea, South Dakota in the USA to Morocco, England and France. Through interviews with people from all over the world of tea – tea pickers and plantation owners, street sellers, traders, teapot makers, tea tasters and eloquent tea scholars – The Meaning of Tea film explores the profoundly positive role that tea can play in the renewal of our modern world.

Find out more at the Meaning of Tea blog.


One thought on “Meaning of Tea Documentary

  1. Thank you for sharing an engrossing look at tea around the world. A great way to watch and enjoy a cup of my favorite tea on a frosty day in Seattle.

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