Intaba Bushbabies Tea: Will Babies Like It?

On their site, the Intaba people say: “Intaba Bushbabies – Kids love the naturally sweet taste!”

So I put it to the taste test with the 2 nearest kids, Ember and Cora, asking them if they thought it would be a good tea for babies.

At first we tried it without adding honey. Mistake. These kids did not love the naturally sweet taste one bit.

Cora just made a face and refused it. Ember, the older, said rather pluckily, “Well, it has lots of flavour!” but didn’t want to drink any of it.

After we added honey – here’s the result:

I personally love the taste of both rooibos and honeybush, and don’t need to add any sweetener to them at all. However Intaba Bushbabies may be an acquired taste for kids. For these two it was something entirely new.

Find out more at Intaba’s site.


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