Taking another GIANT STEP!

I’m looking forward to participating and assisting again at another Women’s Mindfulness and Intimacy workshop with Nancy Mortifee.

This one will be held on the first weekend in March at Cascadia Retreats in Roberts Creek – on BC’s Sunshine Coast. A wonderful way to welcome the coming of spring in 2012!

Info on registration is here at Nancy’s site, info on the event is here at the Cascadia site.

And the news gets even better!

For this event Nancy is waiving her usual fee and so there is just the cost of accommodation and food, a meta-reasonable $150 for the 2 nights (Yes vegetarian option of course).
If you, or someone you know, would like to come, this is the best arrangement you could ever imagine! Especially since the next one will be at Hollyhock, and a far more expensive 5 day intensive.

If you’ve never attended one of these workshops before, don’t worry. Nancy’s approach makes it easy to engage right away. And we promise delicious food, comfortable sleeping arrangements, and great company.

I’ve found these workshops to be so incredibly satisfying and revealing, with deep understandings just naturally emerging from the depths. It is really great to share these experiences in a group of women, too. Something very good happens from it all, which is why I so enthusiastically endorse this process.

See more at Nancy’s newsletter

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