What’s my dosha?

Ayurveda Conference at UBC Sewanti and AAPNA conference

Ayurveda scholars and practitioners, naturopathic and allopathic doctors, yogis and interested new-agey types all gathered at UBC last weekend for a varied and fascinating program of talks, papers, demos and experiential activities. I was happy to attend, and help out Neelam Toprani, the conference coordinator, who is also the owner of Sewanti Ayurvedic Series and one of my web clients.

It was lovely to discover more about deep complexities of this ancient 5000 year old system of healing and internal harmony with nature, the seasons. Different doshas are active at different times of the day, and the balancing of your own human ecology can be done with the help of natural herbs (and I also believe minerals but these weren’t discussed at the event.) The people were warm and congenial, and there was beautiful Indian food served for both lunch and dinner as part of the event.

My own interest in the elements was actively piqued, and the whole idea of more fire in the system to get metabolism going really appealed to me. Topics ranged from autism and ayurveda, yoga kriya practice, very scientific scholarly papers and hands on yoga practice. California energetic yoga power blasts, persuasive professional presenters shared the space with detailed scholarly delivery of high level information. Three cheers for AAPNA (the Association of Ayurvedic Professionals in North America) and a truly cross cultural event.


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