Jarry and Mckenna: Little Green Men

Alfred Jarry
Terence Mckenna

“Take me to your leader,” the little green men say as they walk out of the flying saucer in any one of a number of 1950’s-’60’s cartoons.

I’ve been recently thinking pataphysically, and connected in thought these two “human” beings who revolutionized awareness of human potential and experience. Short guys who I think of as the real little green men, with hyper developed overactive pineal glands, hopped up on consciousness-altering substances, delivering messages to the world from seemingly (?) alien sources. They say the little green men are there in the DMT.

And who is the leader that the little green aliens are taken to? Why, Jarry and Mckenna of course! Never be surprised by the power and magic of the green man. The Celtic green man of the woods, Khidr the Green man of the Sufis, and also these two little green men from the realms of art/pataphysics and psychedelia, all carry messages for us, if we can possibly hear them.

In a mix-and-match thought experiment these photosynthetic beings are not only the voice of nature beyond nature, but also the voice of human evolution (and some would say devolution). What IS this green man who comes from time to time?

Jarry didn’t turn green but painted himself green – and Mckenna: all about the plants and their meaning and communications. I put them together in thought just now.

I once heard of some sufis who were walking along a road in California. Incongruously they were met by two strange men in slick green business suits, who suddenly appeared along the road. The men in green said, “We have been waiting for you.” and they took the Californian sufis to a place and shared information with them. This did not happen in thought but in the physical everyday world.

Jarry and Mckenna weren’t sufis per se. We meet them on the road in thought. I don’t think they are working together, except in this one moment, here, at this post.

Thanks to Wikipedia for the photos.

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