Just Released: Planet Earth Demands

ImageIt’s an exciting time. I just released Shamcher Bryn Beorse’s book Planet Earth Demands. Working on this material has been so helpful to me as an editor – because I saw areas where I could edit it to supposedly make it more appealing or interesting, but I did not do that. Why? Because the writing was done by a mystic, and I could see and sense the intricate interconnections between the words, the situations described and the whole impact of the book’s presence. To mess with that would be to cut off vital neural pathways in a brain. Instead I took a wider view, a historical archival approach – publishing the book “as is” – with a realization that the style and form of what is popular changes over the decades and even centuries. Better to allow the book to have its own say, in its own way. That may be a key to its longevity.

Now with other writers, I would naturally do it differently. And if Shamcher were alive I would be able to confer with him on certain wordings and patterns in his approach to the material. This situation was different. I had to wing it. I do confess that it took me some time to penetrate into the world-view that this book expresses, for my “education” really didn’t prepare me for a non-linear book like Planet Earth Demands. I kept wanting things to be in the “right” categories, in the appropriate slots. Why does he include anecdotes about his own life experiences in a book purportedly about OTEC (Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion.) Why does he include the names and details about long-gone personages who perhaps were not known or influential even in their day, or whose ideas have since gone out of fashion? Well, now we have their names again and can look them up, perhaps revive some of their work.

This book is much more than meets the eye. I was pleased to be able to bring back into the foreground these thinkers, life-lessons and ideas that make up the world of Shamcher Beorse, that infused his being and his purpose with such vitality.

Ultimately, the union of the meditative life of a mystic with the active life of the engineer/economist, has produced a book with one of the widest overviews of 20th century life, and its promise. By following the exact structure of the chapters, a vision of humanity can be seen developing into a form that communicates beyond the words.

An intuitive reading of this book brings great reward. By seeing it all differently, more can be revealed. That was my approach and I recommend it as a way in to share the mind and world-view of a great man.

It’s now available in paperback and epub – find out more at the website www.planet-earth.shamcher.com.

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