Lately I’ve written several articles on Shamcher’s books. Here they are to date:

Shamcher Bryn Beorse
Shamcher Bryn Beorse

Introduction to Planet Earth Demands: Economist, engineer, generalist and mystic, Shamcher Bryn Beorse, reveals his comprehensive overview of the forces and influences shaping humanity in the latter half of the 20th century. Concerned with the fate of the earth environmentally, socially and politically, he offered both advice and warning, peppered with personal anecdotes …. read more

How to Read this Book (Planet Earth Demands)Is this just another book on the environment? With so many books, sites, documentaries and other media flooding us with accounts, predictions and fantasies about climate changes, earth changes, economic change and more, what is the reason to add one more volume to this rising tide?... read more

Chapter by Chapter (Planet Earth Demands)The book Planet Earth Demands stands as a course and a conversation to catalyze not only thought but also action. This action ranges from economies and full employment to meditative contemplation. From OTEC to love of our planet and inner realization. The action of a Sufi, like that of a shaman, is not always what it seems. The gesture on earth in time is completed in the seen and unseen universes in the timeless. …read more

Introduction to Every Willing HandThrough Every Willing Hand we can receive a glimpse of an extraordinary worldview, a simultaneous multiverse of intimate interconnection, fueled by love, aligned by wisdom, creatively expressing God’s love for this delicate and persistent human experiment. This is the world of Shamcher Bryn Beorse .…read more

Reading Every Willing HandDo we dare to imagine an international coordinated effort, similar to the full-scale mobilization of allies at war, that would employ everyone at every level to prevent further environmental destruction, encourage the nurturing of the planet locally and globally, and apply new technologies for the good of all? …read more

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