celestial gallery large sizejpg
This is an amazing large book of beautiful contemporary thankas! I so enjoy its exquisite detail.

I just set up an account at academia.edu that includes downloads to some of the articles I’ve written in the past, and I’ll be adding to it. The article James K-M and I wrote years ago for Leonardo Magazine (the MIT press journal) is only available through them, so I’ll be digging in my archives to find it, and I’m sure more will turn up when I get in there.

Much of my writing has been meditative, esoteric or directly Sufi inspired. In the past many years I’ve kept that aspect of my research and exploration on the back burner, with my online presence focusing more on my consulting and freelance services. Not that I’ve kept it hidden, just haven’t emphasized it much at all. Teaching the Yoga Nidra class, doing other things of that nature again publicly, means that emphasis on the inner and outer life together is a natural development.

My ongoing tagline of media, consciousness, communications and technology still holds true. For me, this is all a fusion of interconnected forces that inspire and reinforce one another. Meditation is now mainstream, media is the stream of experience we most share, technology transforms us with each new iteration. The key is communications – what are we saying and doing, with whom and why and how? What are we receiving and amplifying, and how do we do this? I have a lot of ‘splainin to do in the next few posts as I try to answer these questions.

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