Fairy Tales are True coverHappy to announce this book is now out and available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and direct, as well as on kindle. More info on the book at the site: www.fairy-tales.shamcher.com

It was a wonderful experience putting this book together and exploring the areas that Shamcher mentioned here. For example, the whole world of the dunes of Oceano became living to my mind, and I found it to be a very rich and deep area of exploration.

Having read the earlier version of the book, both in the manuscript form that Shamcher had given me and then in the form published by Hu Press back in ’78, I was surprised to see what was in the book this time around. The whole quantum aspect of it came fully into view and I discovered that the words were mere markers for entire events that seemed to exist beyond time, as well as in time within the book. The tales were more like teaching stories than I had remembered, and they had a similar purpose. Not to make a point, as many stories do, or to teach a moral, but something deeper – to make a connection between the teller and the reader/listener to actually change the state of mind.

Writing the introduction took me further into the dunes, into the areas he mentioned in the book, and some external resonant events as well. I was happy to bring this book out again in this new format, with the divine cover by the accomplished Diane Feught.

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