Shadow of the Photographer
Don’t you just love the shadow of the photographer?

12 thoughts on “Me

  1. This reminds me of a conversation we had this morning (that you started in the middle of the night)…..I mean, about how our histories infuse our present. The old existential phenomenologist in me wants to say, “NO. Our histories INFORM our present.” But then my inner Buddha muscles in and says, “only in terms of the stories we tell ourselves to make sense of what has happened. Sometimes, in order to move forward, we have to either make new stories…..or let them go entirely, in order to see things clearly. Amidha

  2. Hi Carol

    Saw your blog and thought I would ask you a quick question. Back in 1970 when I was finish my dissertation at Dalhousie University in Halifax, NS, i video taped the home birth of my third child on a Sony Portapak 1/2 inch. Those were the days, eh? It’s amazing to look back to the 70’s and see what has transpired since. Along with Joella Foulds (CBC), Ingrid Johnson (The Paper Midwife, now in New Zealand), we formed the Planned Parenthood Association of Nova Scotia. So long ago…. Anyway, I have always wanted to convert the original b&W 1/2 inch tape to a DVD for the family history and was wondering if I could contact the woman who was doing the video on Sandra Botting – to see if there is any way can make the DVD. Can’t seem to find anyone locally who can help me.
    Thanks in advance.
    Have a great day!
    Dan Plasse

  3. Dear Carol,

    I was surfing the web and was surprised and very happy to find that my Great Great Grandpa Dolphin and his wife Sitara were mentioned in regards to Dolphin Eye Barks. The last bottle I remember having of the family eye medicine was back in the 70’s. And then no more. I would love to find anyone, anywhere with an old bottle..even just the bottle. I remember the picture of the eye printed on the lable..very much the all seeing eye of the Sufi I see now.

    Thank you for keeping my great great grandma and grandpa alive in this virtual mind.

    Gabrielle Dolphin
    Children’s Hospital Oakland

  4. Hi Carol

    I wonder if you could forward this to Dan Plasse. I too was part of the Planned Parenthood Assn of Nova Scotia [it’s nominal President for a year – but quite ineffectual]. And co-author of The Paper Midwife.

    I’d love to get in touch with Dan. Can you help?


  5. Hi

    I live in the Bodega Studios on Carrall Street and I have contacted the city planner in charge of the greenway project. The planner has confirmed that the greenway project is back on track again and will start in the next few weeks. It will start with the block between Cordova and Water with a completion date of April 2009 and then they will continue with the Hastings and Cordova block after than and with a goal of being completed by August 2009.

    The website for the greenway project will be updated shortly with the news.

    If you would like to confirm all details, go to the website and email the city planner. He or She is really nice and will provide all updates.


  6. Carol:

    Is the Gastown residents association still active? I know you were involved. I’m interested in either joining or reviving it.

  7. Carol,

    Just found your blog today and wanted to say hello. It’s been quite a while since the days of the mezzanine at VFS Multimedia department! I don’t know what happened to the rest of the technical staff but I’m living and working in Nova Scotia and even ran into Dave Baker last fall. Maybe you will marvel at this blast from the past or maybe you’ll struggle to remember who I am. 🙂 Either way its cool to see what you’ve been up to by reading your blog.


      1. I’m working as the IT Manager at a credit union and learning all about being a father to a six year old girl. I’ve been practicing meditiation since I was in Vancouver. Last year I took the formal Refuge Vows to become a Buddhist. Your OpenSourceSpirit project is very cool. I will come back to it again.


  8. Hello I would love to talk to you if you have a few minutes. I have a two month old baby girl named Seryn and I was looking for blessing that will give her a strong positive spiritual base to build from. The crazy part is that this was the first site to come up when I googled “infant blessings” and I was shocked to see the logo of the heart with wings!!(on the Rituals for lifes passages)site. I had taken some meditation classes just before I found out I was pregnant and I saw this heart with wingsin one of my meditations.Later I choose a deck of Tarot cards that turned out to also have the symbol atached to it. I painted the symbol on her wall above her crib before she was born and then just last week I decided to have a good friend of mine who is a tattoo artist give me a tattoo of this symbol that I have come to love. So here I am searching for this blessing first time and first site and there it is and even better Seryn means “star” and there it is with this star and moon in the center!! I cant help but feel like I should at least speak with you and see if you have any ideas for me and my little girl. Thank you so much I really hope to here from you.

    Danyelle DeLucia

  9. Hi Carol, Just wanted to say hello. Found your blog today…via Isabella Mori’s and Love it. The mix of spirituality, writing, self-publishing (you’ve inspired me to get my act together at LULU) is simply WONDERFUL. I look forward to coming back.

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