Under New Management

A friend once described the changes she had gone through as being “under new management” – just like the restaurant that closes for a few days, then re-opens with new red checked tablecloths and a different menu. Well, it now happened to me. I’m under new management, partly due to being away for a time….

New Blog Service

We’ve launched a new blog service, Alphablogs, as a division of Alpha Glyph Publications. One of our first efforts was to do a workshop on creative blogging for marketing and promotion, through the Alliance for Arts and Culture here in Vancouver, with follow-up sessions a week later to answer any specific questions that participants have…

Diversity of Video Blogs: Vlogs

I’ve been doing video for client blogs for some time now, and it’s been a wide range. Here are two clips from recent postings: Alma Pasic, Mortgage Broker, on new mortgage opportunities for the self-employed. Robert Meyer, Double Bassist, on conductors.

Overview of Alpha Glyph’s First Year

I just felt that it would be good to sum up where we are to date, before launching into the next phase. So here’s a quick overview of what’s been going on since Alpha Glyph began active operations in January of 2006. I’ve helped many clients with various stages of their book and publications projects,…


Focusing on the needs of small business and independent entrepreneurs, we have been working to create alphablogs, as a division of Alpha Glyph Publications Ltd. We know blogging and we can help you get started and keep your blog going. We also help your blog find its audience, ultimately reaching many more clients and contacts…

Networking Entrepreneurs

Anyone who has a self-published book knows that networking and hand-selling really do help get some buzz going around your latest venture. As an entrepreneur with my own business, I often attend various networking events around the Vancouver area, to meet prospective clients and to create awareness around the services we offer through Alpha Glyph….