All the Recent Nature Mirrors

Here are all my recent Nature Mirror photo collages so far. Started them this June and have been posting them on Facebook, but wanted to have them here on the blog too. They are in a slideshow, with thumbnails below. Click the thumbnail for a larger image.

On My Screen Today

Here’s how it looks to me – with my desktop background as an image of inside a sweat lodge, and the edge of my twitter background, thought I’d share it here. Actually, I spend more time on twitter than here at the blog, so please join me there, and say Hi!


Continuing my infatuation with slideshare, here’s another group of collages. This series was begun in late August of 2001, completed just before 9/11, so it has a certain metaphysical significance for me. If you are viewing this from the feed, and can’t see the slides, please go here. follow carolsill at (Surprise: Link here…

Collages on Slideshare

  I’m really having some fun with slideshare, so have put together this little group of images.They are digital collage artwork reflecting aspects of consciousness, some of which were shown at the Digitalis 2: The Spiritual in Digital Art exhibition. If you are looking at the feed for my blog, you may have to use…

Electrofield 1

  Mother Earth and Mother Goose , Erzulie and the Etruscans

My New Special Interest Bookstore

I’ve finally put together some of my earlier writings, self-published at Lulu, which has given me a storefront, Carol’s Special Interest Bookstore. It’s all still in process, but I’m happy to say that at least it has started. Now the two books there are just the beginning, and the facsimile book is still in a…