Good News on Carrall Street

The Pennsylvania Hotel finally has opened its doors – providing housing for 44 people needing homes in the DTES. I took videos of the opening, posted them to Youtube and over to the Carrall Street Journal, so check them out. By the way, I decided kept the Carrall Street Journal going after all. (Of course,…

Hyper-Local on Carrall Street

This post is a duplicate of a page in my Carrall Street Journal. I started a blog named The Carrall Street Journal in March 2006, and it has been an on and off activity for me. My original ideas for it are listed below. They were a little bit out of scope, and I began…

Rainy Saturday, Late November

Saturday afternoon, continuous misty rain. This month has been a whirlwind of transformative experiences: don’t get me started. I’ll just focus on the first thoughts at hand, today, now, at this time. Open Source has finally got started in earnest, with lots of interviews and posting. In this past month I’ve also got a…

Signs for the Times

I had great fun playing at, and lost track of one morning while making signs for the times. Here are a couple, and if they inspire you, let me know and I’ll share or link to yours here, too.

Many Moons

Here’s one of James’ more recent paintings. For more on his work, go to his artist site.