Video with Kids:Grandmother time…..

This fresh bright air inspires me to let you know everything that’s been happening in the past few months. Over the summer I made some videos with my granddaughter Ember, who wrote, directed and produced these little gems of fun. We made them in 3 sessions and had tons of fun. The last one was…

Guess: when and who!

Guess when was this said and who said it! The service environments available to ordinary persons, whether of travel or general consumer services, far exceed the power of any private wealth to provide for itself. The richest men have become hotel hermits, unable to find any more conspicuous means of consumption than those that are…

Seeds of Compassion

I was just watching the Dalai Lama webcast at the Seeds of Compassion site – he’s at an arena in Seattle, in the same sunny weather we have here in Vancouver.

Dave Eggers Talk and TED Wish

So inspiring! This video of Dave Eggers’ talk at TED is just under 25 minutes long but worth every minute – see this to the end. Aside: I’m glad to see it’s also posted on YouTube since wouldn’t let it through via the direct link to the TED site.