“Fifteen Thousand Useful Words and Phrases” from 1910

R. sent me this via email: The land of copyright free books…. Gutenberg and ipod meet in one and I now have access to “Fifteen Thousand Useful Words and Phrases” from 1910. Do not consider this to be “Antiquated Prudery” or full of “appalling difficulties”, this book has “apparent significance” and “assiduously cultivated” “apparent genius”……

Signs for the Times

I had great fun playing at says-it.com, and lost track of one morning while making signs for the times. Here are a couple, and if they inspire you, let me know and I’ll share or link to yours here, too.

Dave Eggers Talk and TED Wish

So inspiring! This video of Dave Eggers’ talk at TED is just under 25 minutes long but worth every minute – see this to the end. Aside: I’m glad to see it’s also posted on YouTube since WordPress.com wouldn’t let it through via the direct link to the TED site.


I got one of these by email (I got elfed!) and just had to do it myself (mys-elf). Click here for the full experience! Those folks at Office Max sure know how to be viral! (Link here for a random post from my blog.)