Diane Feught’s New “Queen of Heaven” Series

Good friend and amazing artist Diane Feught sent me this invitation to the opening for http://www.women, a significant group show upcoming in Toronto’s Headbones Gallery. Diane’s Q’an Yin drawing on the invite above is part of the “Queen of Heaven” series featured in the exhibition, while her darkly stunning Yama image can be seen here…

Kohl – the beauty of the eye

At the Vancouver Folk Festival there was a guy selling gold and red slippers from Morocco at a stand with leather bags and small amber scented blocks to rub on the skin. But best of all, he had kohl for the eyes. I hadn’t had any since the glass container of kohl from Hooman had…

Solstice Photo

Here's a photo my brother Mike took at Vicki's place on Vancouver Island. Seemed appropriate for today. (click on image to enlarge)

From the Stars

From the Stars, originally uploaded by Carol Sill. Here the eternal feminine forces of moon and water bring messages to earth in a procession pouring downward like a waterfall. Priestesses bear golden bowls, cups fill to overflowing, the mysterious planetary forces beam into our lives.