Drying Clothes the Old-Fashioned Way

Everything old is new again. I’m drying laundry outside, not using the electric dryer anymore. The clothes smell fresher and it is much gentler way of life. Why use electric machines to do what the sun and air do naturally?

Exquisite: the Naked Leaf

Walking on 10th street in Calgary the other day I was delighted to see the Naked Leaf Tea Shop. Jonathan Kane, the owner,  generously showed me around as I recorded this Flip video of the shop, something very special in Calgary’s Kensington area (on 10th St. NW). Naked Leaf also has a beautifully designed website…

Tea at Downtown Suites

Nicholas Meyer of Downtown Suites shows his tea-making stuff! At the busy property management company he takes time to make a jasmine/rose green tea.

Afternoon Tea in Calgary

Gracious living and women’s conversation, tea and sympathy. Fran’s beautiful blue and white pottery served a selection of three teas on Saturday afternoon in Calgary. Three! How delightful! I started with the refreshing Jasmine Green tea, just for the taste, and then couldn’t resist going directly to the Irish tea with milk. Surprisingly smooth, I…

Rooibos – Good for You, Good for Africa

Liz Bandelin, President of Nu-Tea, stopped by on her way to this weekend’s  The Victoria Tea Festival where she’s speaking on Rooibos – Good for You, Good for Africa. She’s a fountain of amazing information on all things Rooibos, and all the good things that this tea can do for our health. We had a…