Performance on Carrall Street this Tuesday

This post is a duplicate of a post in my Carrall Street Journal. Art on Carrall – literally about Carrall Street. This is the kind of thing I’ve been thinking about for years, and now it looks like Althea Thauberger is making art about this street and its complexities. Can’t wait to walk out my…

What Next for the Boulder Hotel?

This post is a duplicate of a post in my Carrall Street Journal. This afternoon Vancouver City Council will be addressing the situation of the Boulder Hotel development proposal, which has been in the works for some time now. Incorporating the old Pig and Whistle one-story building into an innovative residential/commercial project, the developers are…

Carrall and Hastings 1907

City Reflections is a historical film project that follows the early footage shot in 1907 from the front of a streetcar in Vancouver, and recreates that same route today. Click on this image of Hastings and Carrall from 1907 to get to their site. Hastings and Carrall

Another part of the City’s Carrall Street Greenway site that is definitely worth a peek is their great interactive buildings inventory page. Mousing over the map reveals a photo of the building along with some current and historical information on it. Click on this page image to explore it for yourself.

History of Carrall Street

The City of Vancouver has made a truly comprehensive site on the Carrall Street Greenway initiative. The first page of their History section has wonderful nuggets of information that anyone interested in this part of Vancouver will be fascinated to read. To go there, just click on the page image below:

Signage Exhibition at Interurban

An art exhibit inspired by the signs of Vancouver is currently on at the Interurban, featuring the work of Christian Dahlberg, Cristina Peori, Brad Jansen, Jennifer Merasty, and Quin Martins. The show marks the transitions so visible in Vancouver these days as Cristina remarks in her writing on the show: What has remained largely untouched…