All the Recent Nature Mirrors

Here are all my recent Nature Mirror photo collages so far. Started them this June and have been posting them on Facebook, but wanted to have them here on the blog too. They are in a slideshow, with thumbnails below. Click the thumbnail for a larger image.

Inspiring Autumnal Air

The air changed just as we entered September, and my mind is slowly returning from the summertime haze. Its been a lovely summer and here are a few highlights – more to come next post. Sacred Nature Article We went to Portland for a week, dogsitting while friends of friends went to Northwest Sufi Camp….

Open Source Spirituality

Lately I’ve been fascinated by the concept of open source spirituality – an approach that means each individual who participates is a co-creator of the energy field, and of the aspiration to the one goal of transcendence or realization or enlightenment – and from this there is a renewed connection with humanity and our goals…

Flowers Losing their Scent?

Spring has come here in Vancouver, finally, and the air is magically laden with the scent of the blossoms and the opening leaves. Tulips stand tall. But like everyone, I’ve noticed that we don’t have the same power to the scent of flowers that we once did. It was brought home to me when a…

Secrets in the Christmas Tree

I loved putting together this little slideshow based on some earlier writing. The words hold the vision, so I decided to share the pictures in the much more fluid medium of the mind’s eye (rather than on the screen.) (Link here for a random post from my blog.)