James K-M’s Art: Opening Tonight!

I’m really looking forward to the opening for James’ exhibition tonight. There’s info here on the Baron site, as well as on James’ site, which features photos of the whole exhibition.

Return from Cuba

We have just returned from two months in Cuba, staying first in Camaguey for the majority of the time, with a final week in Havana. It was a transformative and extraordinary time that I will be unfolding within myself for months to come. Right now I’m in the process of sorting out the photos and…

Many Moons

Here’s one of James’ more recent paintings. For more on his work, go to his artist site.

James’ Upcoming Exhibition

 Looking forward to going to the Kootenays for the opening of James’ exhibition of new paintings. Here’s the invitation: You can see the paintings here, on his site, and here’s a link to the Kootenay Gallery for more on the show. (Surprise: Link here to see a random post from my blog.)