Sawa Tea Lounge

I love independent tea shops (not chain affiliated) that have the stamp of the owner’s personality and generosity. Once again it is the positive nature of the tea culture, in all its moods and shades. A few weekends ago I met a friend at Sawa Tea Lounge in the Waterfall Building just by Granville Island….

Visit with the Good People from Aura Teas

Carol, Allan, Fionna, James We had a great afternoon with Fionna and Allan, the good people behind Aura Teas. It was good to meet Fionna in person after so much email and tea correspondence. On a side note, it seems tea and networked life go well together. I really like the Aura Teas site –…

High Tea Tweetup at the Secret Garden

It was a lovely Easter Sunday afternoon high tea in Vancouver: an event beautifully tweeted-up by Karen from Tiny Bites. Here’s some very casual video of the occasion, our party of 8 (with only one man.) NEWS FLASH: Here’s the FULL Report with lots of pix and desc. at Tiny Bites.

An Afternoon at Steeps

Conversation and lingering seems to be encouraged at Steeps Tea Lounge, where a friend and I sat for a couple of hours discussing metaphysics, her trip to London, and, of course, tea. Surrounded by tea paraphernalia, all for sale, and with other tea aficionados coming, going, or staying to drink tea and read a good…

Murchie’s Afternoon Tea

A colleague and I went to Murchies’ for afternoon tea. Murchies’ is a Canadian institution, and like many Canadian institutions finds itself struggling to survive in the modern world. The store has an old-fashioned feel, from its vast selection of aesthetically neutral tea cozies to its displays of expensive tea pots over-decorated with the floral…