Most Difficult Tea-Making

The most difficult tea-making experience I ever had? Was it in Cuba? No, that was easy: I’d brought an electric kettle which seemed like a remarkable miracle to our Cuban friends. Even if I didn’t have it, I’d have been able to use the single electric burner hot plate to boil the water in the…

Tea Haiku Contest

Win this lovely basket of Tetley Colour Therapy Teas ($70 value)!!! If you’re in the Vancouver area, enter our TEA HAIKU CONTEST and win this beautiful basket of Tetley Tea Colour Therapy herbal teas! Includes a classic Tetley teapot, and colour greeting cards. The people at Tetley saw my tea blog and asked me if…

Tetley Colour Therapy Teas

I received this message from the Tetley people, and a sample tea to try (review coming soon.)  They are asking “What’s your Colour Today?” and I especially like the fact that Colour is spelled with Canadian spelling! Tetley Tea is on a mission to help Canadians get more “colourful” with their new line of herbal…

Tea Haiku

Walking in the rain I stop outside your teashop Steamed windows: pu’ehr

Sawa Tea Lounge

I love independent tea shops (not chain affiliated) that have the stamp of the owner’s personality and generosity. Once again it is the positive nature of the tea culture, in all its moods and shades. A few weekends ago I met a friend at Sawa Tea Lounge in the Waterfall Building just by Granville Island….

Glass Teapot

I love looking down to see the view of the leaves unfurling in my glass teapot, so I snapped this pic with my iphone.