I had a site called Cha-cha-cha – all about tea.

Cha    Chai    Tea  It gets into you. Worlds open.

french-teaThe tea blog was not being looked after much so I’ve incorporated it into my personal blog site.

Here’s how I had described it:

My experience of tea may occur in Vancouver but a sip of tea in Vancouver transports you half-way around the world, and through time. No it isn’t psychoactive, but it does indeed activate the psyche. I named this site cha-cha-cha for “cha” the Chinese tea, and “chai” the Indian tea, and for that old standard, Tea for Two (cha-cha-cha)

Vancouver is perfectly situated for exploration of tea – from British/European to Chinese/Japanese/Eastern to wonderful Indian chais to hipster vegan herbals.

My interest in tea has been becoming stronger over the past few years. Join me as I explore the world of tea, and tea culture – all things tea.

And add your own comments, suggestions, and tea tips to this ongoing conversation, because ultimately tea is a very social activity.

In this site, I point to some terrific teas to try, suggest some elegant and beautiful tea sites, offer reviews of tea and tea shops (in Vancouver and beyond), and play as many versions of Tea for Twoas I can stand!

And check out the growing eclectic collection of tea videos.

Still working on getting the links to work or updating photos, thanks for your patience. And while you wait, why not have a lovely cuppa?

Join me for tea?

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