Been there, done that, now what?

That’s a familiar feeling. I know that many of us are tired of workshops.

Cascadia House

This upcoming weekend gathering at Roberts Creek on the Sunshine Coast will be different, and here’s how:

  • Every woman who comes makes a difference to the whole. Your presence is unique and will help co-create the gathering.
  • This is not a teaching weekend or a training event or a weekend workshop. It is a gathering of remarkable women: women who are ready to make change, women who care about the earth, women who are actively participating in the world, women who are quietly going about their own business.
  • Mariette, Paula and I provide the scaffolding, the environment and the atmosphere. We will hold the space, and ensure that all voices will be heard. Introverted and quiet or extroverted and active, all are welcome in our circle, whatever your age.
  • If you feel that this weekend is the right thing at the right time for you, then please make every effort to attend. Each woman who comes holds a vital piece of the puzzle.
  • The gathering will be enriched by your presence. That’s how this gathering is entirely different from a teaching or training workshop. In a way, it can’t happen without you, because without your participation it won’t be the same.
  • The theme of our gathering is “Renewing the elements within us”. It means we appreciate what the basic principles of earth, water, fire, air and ether offer to us in our world and in ourselves.
  • We believe that everyone who comes to this spring gathering of women will feel enlivened, renewed and inspired.


So if this approach is more what you are looking for, then this upcoming gathering, Renewing the Elements Within Us, really IS the right one for you. More details and registration info at


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