This afternoon I went to an event at fibre artist Eleanor Hannan’s Vancouver studio. The invitation called it “drawing the model on the sewing machine.” The stairway up to the studio on East Broadway was hung with remarkable drawings that had been completed throughout the day – images of the model in costume rendered on fabric and literally “drawn” using the machine. Inside, four artists sat at their whirring machines as model Inga Frank held a pose as a cat-punk. Here are a few photos of the process:

eleanor at machine
Eleanor Hannan at her machine

At work
Vanessa Cunningham and Vivian Ryan at work

Lady appears
Vivian’s image appears on the fabric

in the studio
Eleanor and Katalina Guerror

Cutting threads
Vanessa cuts threads

Cat model
Model Inga Frank

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2 thoughts on “Eleanor Hannan’s Sewn Drawings

  1. This looks like a fascinating activity. Ah, you artistic types, Vivian, could I see the fabric you drew on? It looks wonderful and as if everyone had a really good time.


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