Tea in Cuba

Yes there is tea in Cuba. They have available both black tea and green tea, loose, in packaging. Only one brand, bought with convertible pesos.

Restaurants also serve a strong mint tea, blended, it seems, with a black tea. It must be the Russian influence that makes tea such a known quantity in the land of strong and sweet espresso coffee. And now perhaps it could be a China connection, though I doubt it from seeing the teas they have. They looked generic and of poor quality. The tea I had in restaurants was never very good, and often tasted of the strong cleaning supplies used to wash the cups.

teaglass and countryside

Tea Glass and Cuban Countryside

I didn’t buy any tea while there, having brought my own from Canada. I didn’t want it to get old and go to waste in the two months I was in Cuba. I made oolong in my tea glass until the day when the tea glass rolled out the car door at a highway stop.

After that, I made it in one of the pots we had in our kitchen, and we drank morning tea on our roof patio. Sometimes I saved it in water bottles for cold tea later in the heat of the day, or even froze it so it would be super cold iced tea.


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